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Diabetes - Role of Yoga

There are various schools ofthought and according to them various yogic exercises are good for controlling Blood Sugar levels. Some of the ASANAS are specially useful for controlling Diabetes.

Dangers of Exercise' (Without medical supervision)

Before planning for Exercise one should consult Doctor to evaluate his cardiac status. If person is having underlying heart disease and he/she starts strenuous exercise it might precipitate fresh attack of angina or heart attack and may even cause death. In old age arthritis also restricts the movements of joints and can cause stiffness in joints.

Yoga has become popular all over world. System of Yoga was developed by great yogis and saints thousands of years ago. It teaches discipline and keeps the body physically fit.

One can learn the art of yoga by regular practice. Initially it would be difficult to assume the correct posture but gradually one can learn. Before trying yoga; please consult your doctor.

Following yogic exercises are useful for diabetic patients. Although there are many asanas but I have selected a few which can be done easily without much difficulty.

1. Ardhnav Asana

It helps to activate functioning of gall bladder, kidneys and pancrease.

2. Dhanur Asana

It activates all glands of body specially Pancrease and helps in release of Insulin hormone.

3. Janusshirsh Asana

This asana helps in improving the functioning of Liver and Pancrease.

4. Ardhmatsyendra Asana

This asana is specially useful for diabetics and it stimulates the functioning of Pan crease gland.


  • In persons who are having Retinal involvement (Eye involvement) strenuous exercise may cause Retinal detachment and sudden blindness.
  • Take care of your food before and after exercise and inspect for any vesicles, cuts or any change in colour of nails.
  • One should keep sugar with one self as suddenly Blood Sugar may fall during exercise and intake of sugar will prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

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