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Aspirin For Diabetics

Diabetics have as 2-4 fold increase in the risk of dying from the complications of heart diseases.

American Diabetes Association Recommends use of Asprin for both primary prevention and secondary prevention.

Primary Prevention

Use of Asprin in High Risk people with diabetes would prevent them from heart attacks and stroke.

Risk Factors in Type I and II Diabetes are:

  • A Family History of Heart Attacks
  • Cigarette Smoking
  • Hypertenion
  • Obesity
  • Albminuria
  • People with High Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels .
  • Those who are above 30 years

All these people can take tablet of Asprin as per recommendation of their doctor. You must consult your Doctor before using Asprin.

Always take Asprin after Food.

Use of Asprin for Secondary Prevention

Your Doctor would recommend you to take Asprin if you have evidence of large vessel disease, i.e.,

(i) After MYOCARDIAL INFRACTION (Heart Attack)
(ii) After By-pass Surgery
(iii) After Stroke
(iv) Evidence of having Blockage of Arteries of leg
(v) Those who have ANGINA.

Therefore use of Asprin is recommended for both, i.e.

(i) Those who are going to develop complications and for
(ii) Those who already have evidence of complications and to prevent further recurrence.

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