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Diabetic Coma (Hyperglycaemia)

Diabetic Coma, Ketoacidosis

When Blood Sugar levels are high patient becomes dull, extreme weakness, vomiting feels sleepy, skin is dry and breathlessness Drowsy and unconscious and coma.

Warning signs

  • If one gets more and more desire for food and thirst.
  • Increased frequency of micturition.
  • Sudden Loss of Weight.
  • Feeling more sleepy and drowsy than usual.
  • Vomiting and pain in Abdomen.
  • Smell of over riped fruits in breath.
  • Fast and deep breathing. If Blood Sugar is above 400mg%,
  • Urine examination will reveal ketones.

Why this Happens (Seen under following circumstances)

  1. If diabetic patients eat more and more and irregular in taking medicines.
  2. Usually seen in Type I Diabetes, in children who may forget to take Insulin or during some infections when Blood Sugar levels will rise very rapidly.
  3. It can be seen in Adults too during stressful situation; infections or in persons who are alcoholic and absolute irregular in taking medicines and food.



  1. Excessive thirst.
  2. Appetite.
  3. Urination and weakness.
  4. Dry skin.
  5. Breathlessness.
  6. Pain in Abdomen and distension.
  7. Vomiting.
  8. Nausea.
  9. Drowsiness.
  10. Disorientation and unconsciousness and coma. Sugar Test will reveal very high Blood sugar.

Urine will show-ketones (Normal urine will not show ketones)

Prevention and Treatment

All diabetic patients should know about hyperglycaemia and diabetic coma. Parents and relatives should be told about warning signs of diabetic coma. So that appropriate steps could be taken to prevent it. Patients should be shifted to hospital immediately where proper treatment can be given.

Insulin therapy along with other measures can save the life. So delay in shifting patient to good Medical Centre/Hospital should be avoided.

Hyperglycaemia(High Blood Sugar)


  1. Not enough medication.
  2. Too much carbohydrate.
  3. Increase in weight.
  4. Lack of activity.
  5. Illness.
  6. Stress.
  7. Excessive urination.
  8. Excessive thirst.
  9. Tiredness.
  10. Blurred vision.
  11. Recurrent infections and slow healing.


  1. Check medications or seek medical advice.
  2. Review diet.
  3. Review diet and activity level.
  4. Seek medical advice.
  5. Review causes of stress.

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