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Are You Losing Weight?

One has to keep the weight under control for proper Diabetes Management. If persons is over weight obese he develops Insulin resistance. Efficacy of Insulins actions or tissues is reduced and Diabetes becomes uncontrolled. Sometimes Diabetic patients go on losing weight inspite of regular treatment. The reasons may be:

  1. Either you are taking very low calories diet in place of diet advised to you by your doctor (say you are advised to take 1800 calories diet buy you are taking 1200 calorie» diet).
  2. Whenever sugar levels are very high and diabetes is uncontrolled one is passing sugar with urine. For Energy sugar is not available, it uses available sugar in body and thereby causing weight loss.
  3. When patient is using medicines like Metformin, Glyciphage, Glycomet or Capsule DBI- TD etc. These medicines reduce appetite and reduce weight.
  4. If there are associated diseases like Tuberculosis, Thyroid disease or patient is having loose motions or vomiting.


If even with balanced diet patient is losing weight then it is matter of concern and he/she should consult doctor.

  • Have proper calories diet consult dietician/doctor.
  • Don't adjust/change medicines yourself.
  • If your doctor advises you to take Insulin Don't Resist.

It will stop weight loss and would control Blood Sugar.

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