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Diabetes Prevention and High Risk Group to Develop Diabetes

Incidence of diabetes is increasing more and more, new cases are detected everyday due to public awareness, at the same time everyone as IS question: How we can prevent Diabetes and its complications?

One thing is sure that NIDDM can be prevented, its onset can be delayed and one can even prevent complications to great extent.

Change in lifestyle, food habits and sedentary habits have contributed to this increase in the incidence of Diabetes.

IDDM-Disease presents in childhood, islet cell antibodies and insulin auto-antibodies are present at the age of 2 years-By some virus infection or other factors cause activation of Immune response-this in turn destroy Beta-cells of Pancrease.

Screening can be done by analysing genetic' factors and Immune measures marriage between two diabetics should be avoided.


It takes about 10-15 years to develop symptoms of diabetes, During this period initially there is impaired Glucose tolerance test then abnormal glucose tolerance test and finally Symptomatic diabetes. As this problem is seen in relatives ofNlDDM thorough screening of family members for impaired/Abnormal glucose tolerance test can detect potential future diabetic patients. Regular exercise, weight reduction and diet control can stop the progression of disease-and delay the symptoms for many years. Antioxidanrs should be taken regularly.

Marriage of two diabetics should be avoided.

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