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Diabetes and Depression

Major depressive disorder is present in 15 to 20% of patients with diabetes, Even after successful treatment depression will return in 80% of diabetic patients.

Depression in diabetes has a special relevance, as depression has association with poor compliance with diabetic treatment, poor glycaemic control and increased risk for micro and macrovascular complications. Type II diabetes one hundred and eighty-eight patients between 40-47 years were studied for symptoms and well being in relation to glycaemiccontrol.

Higher HbA.c levels were significantly associated with higher symptoms scores (Total score hyperglycaemic and neuropathic score) with worse mood (total score, displeasure score, depression, tension, fatigue) and the worse general well being.

The data suggested that better glycaemic control in Type II diabetes is associated with fewer Physical Symptoms, better mood and better well being in non-hypoglycaemic HbAlc range.

"Diabetes is associated with increased risk of psychological disturbance especially for those with more diabetes related complications."

Insulin dependent diabetic patients who reported feeling depressed, anxious or stressed out were among least likely to successfully lower their Blood Sugar Levels even after learning to practice relaxation techniques.

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