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Acne and Acne Treatment during Pregnancy

The most frequent problem that has clouded most women and men in the modern world is acne formation. While it is much severe in men, young women are also affected by acne. Most women having acne find its source in the change in the hormonal concentration of the body. It usually occurs during pregnancy or menstrual cycle.   

Reason behind acne formation in women during pregnancy

The stage of pregnancy is the one where the hormone concentration in women’s body undergoes major fluctuation. This fluctuation in hormone causes many changes and removes the balance of hormone in the body. The imbalance of hormones often results in overproduction of oil in the skin and eventually causes an acne formation that is known to all as ‘Pregnancy Acne’. Pregnancy acne is characterized through acne legions that are often formed around the chest, shoulder, mouth and back areas.

Risk related to treatment

Unlike other acne types, treatment of pregnancy acne can have implications. The reason behind these implications is that the foetus, which is unborn, might get affect if exposed to wrong medication. While the risk is lesser if the acne formation is at a moderate stage and topical medication is enough to complete the task, but the risk gets higher when the acne is more severe and requires medication. The medication that is provided to a pregnant woman through the oral system can cause defects in the birth like children having hearing disabilities.

Medication in the market

In the modern world, the market is flooded with over-the-counter products for treating acne at any of its different stages (mild, moderate or severe). Most dermatologists prefer prescribing medicines for treatment of pregnancy acne. However, the common trend is for using minimum amount of medication and avoiding the introduction of drugs to the bloodstream which might have an adverse affect on the foetus. The topical medicines that are mostly recommended include those which constitute of benzoyl peroxide being the prime ingredient. However, there are topical medicines that contain salicylic acids which are usually asked to avoid. Dermatologist may prescribe severe medication for curing severe acne. However, they are not advised to pregnant women or women looking forward for getting pregnant.

Suggested diet

Consumption of food does not cause acne. However, if well-balanced and nutrition diet is maintained by a pregnant women then she can control the symptoms of acne. The diet should contain foods whose consumption allows the body for recovering from acne by protecting against acne bacteria. Similarly, diets that contain foods that characterize in slowing down digestive system, upsets the balance of hormones or creates disorders in skin should be avoided. The suggested diet for a pregnant woman constitutes of fiber, zinc, vitamin A and B, fatty acids and chromium. Sugar, Alcohol, dairy products and caffeine should not be allowed to be a part of your diet.

Recommended precautions

The main precaution that can be taken in case of acne is maintaining a proper skin care routine. The routine involves daily cleaning of the skin without drying it too much. Soap containing lesser chemicals can be utilized for the function. An astringent (non-medicated), which helps in the removal of excess oil from the skin, can be utilized after face-cleaning. 

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