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It is a common tendency that if you are inundated by acne and its related problem then only you will be besieged by numerous types of acne medications available in the market. Moreover to all the toners, astringents and cleansers obtainable on the counters, there are many medications which only a doctor can prescribe you. It majorly depends on the skin type that what kind of a treatment is will be applied over your skin. It is a general tendency of people to apply anything or home made recipes without knowing the actual cause of the problem which worsens the problem further. As it is said “half knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all”.

It is surprising that there are many products which are just simply hyped and are not so effective and you have to actually decide which is suitable to your skin. So always be careful while selecting your medication treatment because many times out of urgency to clear those pimple marks you may use anything which promises quick healing. Foremost never be lured by the false promises made by acne medication who which say they can solve it overnight or even in few weeks. It is observed from a general survey that even if the person religiously applies and uses the cream or lotion regularly as prescribed in treatment vey little or almost no improved is a common phenomenon obtained in first two weeks. Then the treatment further slows down and it may almost take more than three months to do the same. However, if you have mild acne problems any medication which is easily available at the counter can easily solve your problem.

But take care these medications are constituted of many drying agents we detain the excess oil from your skin and dry the skin. These also constitute anti bacterial agents who kills all the bacteria which increases and worsen the problem further. But the people who are suffering from severe problems in acne must visit the doctors before trying any treatment or medication. Any oral antibiotic or antibiotic creams will be referred by the doctor to you who will reduce the acne problem.

There are many creams that are made from a Vitamin A and its derivatives are generally prescribed. The creams prescribed for acne actually blocks the pores of the pimple and forces it to flake off after drying. Hormones play major role in acne. At time teenage girls due to their hormonal changes or women consuming birth-control pills act as trigger to have acne problems. The medications prescribed by ant doctor are meant to reduce the activity of androgens.

The option of phototherapy is being tried to use clear acne but all these are in experimental stage. Especially formed light bulbs emitting blue light, or a blend of red and blue light are found to clear acne better. Benzoyl peroxide is a regular component used in acne medication. However, the phototherapy technology is comparatively new and expensive.

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