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Vitamins For Acne

Acne is a serious skin problem that has been consistently causing the problem to both male and female. There are various acne-types prevailing in the world and hence there are corresponding various treatment and prevention measures available in the market for removing acne from our life. Presently, no such product has been formulated or discovered that treats and cures all the prevailing form of acne. In most situations whatever might be the medication and product we are using for treating acne, they are required to continue even after the completion of the treatment for preventive measures.

There are cases in acne patient, where the situation of the skin disease is mild and controlling can be done by using mild over-the-counter products, simple medications, home and natural remedies. These patients are completely cured by the use of such treatments. However, other more serious form of acne requires more attention from both the patient and the dermatologists. The patient undergoes the best available treatment in the supervision of their dermatologists. When the patients think of a cure or a treatment of acne, the one thing that they are sure of are topical products. However, there are many medications and natural program for treatment available for acne. These programs incorporate different forms of vitamin for the healing procedure of acne. Still, it is to be kept in mind that there is no vitamin which alone cures acne.

Vitamins are one of the best treatments of acne if chosen as an element in a healing program where various techniques are also used. Vitamins that are most popular in the market when it comes to treating acne are listed below:

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 was once considered to be one of the best things for treating acne. Previously, many physicians advised that the patient should prefer higher doses of Vitamin B5. However, presently it is considered wise to take it in mild dose as excess dose might be harmful for the body. Vitamin B5 helps in minimizing the effects of excess stress that are harmful for skin which is acne-prone.


Zinc is another mineral item that has considerable success in the treatment of acne. Most people are perfectly treated and receive the best result if zinc is a part of their acne-treatment program. Zinc is preferred more than tetracycline. The advantage of zinc is that it helps in eliminating pimples from the skin.

Vitamin E

The main advantage of Vitamin E in a treatment program is that it boosts immune system of the body. A boosted immune system helps in improving the overall health of the body and defaults in the skin. Vitamin E also helps in regulating vitamin A that is essential for maintaining a healthy skin.

There are various vitamins essential for keeping yourself healthy. However, taking one without others cannot cure acne. It is not preferable to take a single type of vitamin for treating acne. It might cause imbalance to your body that aggravates acne rather curing it. So use the different types of vitamin together in a treatment program for having the best results.

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