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Body Acne: It’s better to stay away!


Gone are those days when we remained to stay healthier for ages. For today’s generation the case is completely different. People now are more vulnerable to diseases, pains and infections. One of them is the dreadful body acne. It is a skin infection or disease in the form of painful pimples in the body.


Body acne occurs in children as well as on adults. Acne also occurs on the face apart from the body. It doesn’t depend on age or sex but there are various reasons that cause body acne. They mainly occur in the back, chest and shoulder regions of the body.


The main causes for body acne are the hormonal changes in the human body during course of time. Various abnormalities in hormone secretion in the children and adults cause body acne. In the females, body acne results during hormonal reactions during pregnancy and menstruation.

Today there is much absence of proper nutrients in our body. There are lot of preservatives in our body than natural vitamins and minerals. This insufficiency causes body acne. However there are other reasons also.

How to get away?

Staying away from body acne and to treat it effectively when people are affected by it is not so hard. It is important to follow certain guidelines. It is always advisable that you take fresh and healthy natural foods. You can take fruit juices and fresh vegetables.

Remember that only fruits and vegetables can give you sufficient vitamins that are necessary to ward off body acne. Avoid oily foods and oily cosmetics. They seem to increase the lipid content of your body giving rise to acne.

Lower your stress levels and job pressures. Though it is a dream in the competition arena of the present world but try to relax your body for a while. You can practice exercises and can even do meditations and yoga. They improve body functionality and hormone secretions. However hormone secretion process is completely involuntary but still exercises and yoga improves it.

Drink a lot of water everyday and maintain personal hygiene. Do not wear tight garments and use soaps and shampoos to keep your body bacteria free. This is because bacteria’s and micro-organisms also cause body acne.

Consume foods that contain fiber and no oil. Avoid drinking alcohol and excess beverages like coffee. Consume less amount of sugar. You can also consult your dietician in order to maintain a balanced diet for yourself.


Well the good news is that 100% effective treatment is available. You can consult your dermatologist or your doctor in case you suffer from body acne. Do not use anti-bacterial creams unnecessarily as this may cause a different action which may have adverse effects.

You should also not use body acne reliever creams sold in the market to treat yourself unless they are prescribed by your doctor. Remember that using expired moisturizers and creams may also cause body acne so better put a check on them before applying them. Stay fresh and healthy. That’s the motto you should follow to keep yourself away from body acne.

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