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Adult Acne: Much More Than Just a Disease!


We all are more or less well accustomed with the noxious skin disease known as acne. This seems to worry most of us. Acne is mainly found to develop in the facial regions, chest and backside of the body. They are porous pimples that contain oil deposits and bacteria. They are mainly found to occur in adults more, than in the children.

Time of incidence and Causes

Acne mainly develops in adult during the puberty and menstruation times. Even teenagers of 18-19 years of age suffer from this as they are running from their adolescent stages. This is the core period for its occurrence. In various adult hormonal changes mainly occur in this time. They cause effects on the body in the form of paining pimples known as acne.

A mature adult irrespective of male or female gets acne during heavy stress. Females are more subjected to acne problems during the time of menstruation and menopause. Pregnant woman are also seem to suffer from acne as a lot of hormonal actions occurs on their body during the time of pregnancy.

Adult acne is a common thing if adult and mature persons are more subjected to heat, dust, oil, grease and various other harmful chemicals due to pollution. This causes bacteria’s to affect the skin causing acne. Moreover oily make-up and oily cosmetics is another such reason.

According to latest researches in the field of Dermatology and Medical Sciences acne problems also occur due to genetic transmissions. This means it is a hereditary disease. So it’s completely an out of control infection in this case, but can be controlled by various measures if undertaken.

Treatment and Care

An adult person suffering from acne faces a lot of problems. He/she feels shame to get outside in the public if his/her face is contaminated with the porous pimples. They feel a lot of pain because of acne. They also find difficult to wear garments.

Well not to worry because doctors and skin specialists can successfully treat adult acne problems. Better go for hormonal tests from an endocrinologist to detect problems in your endocrine system. Some doctors prescribe drugs and a balanced diet to rectify improper hormone secretions inside your body.

May be you are suffering acne problems due to presence of bacteria in your skin. So use a good anti-bacterial soap during bathing if prescribed by your doctor. Wash your hair and body regularly to stay fresh and dirt-free. Take a fresh body wash after a long day’s office work. Personal hygiene is a must if you suffer from acne caused by bacteria. Wash your face using medicated face wash solutions after returning from outside.

The most effective would be if you take a proper balanced diet. Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid artificial preservatives added oily foods.

Doctors sometimes recommend medicines like Benzoyl peroxide, Benza-mycin vitamin-A tablets, creams and lotions for diagnosis of adult acne.

So just follow the doctor’s prescription religiously without a second thought. Maintain sanitation in and around and you will notice yourself recovering from acne.

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