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Is there any connection between the food that you eat and acne formation? There was an early belief that the main cause of acne formations is oily foods. However, it is just a belief, do not go ahead and criticize your pizza for your acne formation. Still, there are some foods that can cause an affect on your skin. What you need to do is search for a perfect diet that can help you in maintaining an acne-free skin. It is to be noted that some people require a blend of a perfect diet and acne treatment (through acne creams) for preventing acne. The key benefit of an acne diet is that it supplies nutrients to your body (especially the immune system) for fighting acne. Simultaneously, there are foods available in the market that can make the condition of acne worse than before. You need to avoid a diet that involves such harmful foods in it. Here are some tips that can be beneficial when you formulate a diet for yourself.


Milk can be beneficial for little babies and growing children. However, it can have harmful effects in teenagers especially for those who have acne. Surprisingly, milk fats are not associated to the problems rather it is the milk hormones that causes formation of acne. However, it does not mean that you should avoid milk completely. Cereal and coffee with milk does not harm your skin. Still, drinking a glass of milk should be avoided.


Although, it is not completely proved scientifically, but physicians suggest excess of sugar intake during acne outbreak might make the matters worse. Sweets, soft drinks and chocolates are sugar-loaded. We should try to bring down their intake as sometimes complete elimination is not possible.

Fish oil

People with acne should supplement their regular diet with fishes. Fishes are health and simultaneously, they contain Omega 3 fats that are necessary for keeping the skin healthy and preventing acne. Cod, tuna and salmon are the best available sources for Omega 3 fats. Alternatively, fish fat can be taken as supplements.


There are certain vitamins essential in an acne diet. Vitamin A and Vitamin B5 are the most significant of the lot. If high doses of Vitamin A are taken, the result for curing acne is a surety. However, there might be toxic effects from too much intake and it is advisable to consult a doctor beforehand. Vitamin E also helps in maintaining healthy skin. You can also opt for vitamin complex of acne. There are multivitamin pills using which acne can be cured. And I am sure that you know the easiest procedure for intake of vitamins, i.e., fresh veggies and fruits.


Mushrooms, eggs and whole grains are excellent sources for Zink. Zink helps in reducing acne. It helps in busting the immune system that aids you body for curing acne naturally.

If a diet is maintained using such guidelines then there is every chance of the reduction of the blemishes. Dermatologists suggest that if your skin is prone to acne formation, then it is useful to maintain this diet even in the absence of acne. Acne diet makes your skin fight against the germs that can cause acne formation.

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