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Acne Blemish Laser Treatment

With this competitive world always demanding a high edge on self confidence, problems relating to appearance often cause depressions, especially among young people, acne problems being a significant one.

About the treatment

Acne blemish laser treatment among the various treatments and medication available for diagnosing this disease is a technique where near infra-red light is directed to the skin, on the affected areas of the body, providing pulsating heat underneath the surface of the skin, diminishing the size of the acne causing sebaceous glands killing the bacteria in the pimples, without any side effects and very low risk of infection. Showing desired results within 2 weeks, this non-invasive procedure, in which the therapeutic light enhances the production of melanin, brings back pigments which were lost due the scarring, involving minimal irritation of skin as creams are put before applying the laser making the process almost absolutely painless. The full result takes around 10-12 months to show up, with specialists recommending further treatment after 6 to 12 months from the initial treatment.

Types of lasers

Being available for more than 40 years the usage of carbon dioxide vaporization in the acne blemish laser treatment not only heals the skin from non-red thick scars caused by acne but also resurfaces skin successfully. Short bursts of light having high-energy emitted on the skin causes layer by layer vaporization of damage tissues. It is one of the best methods working well for removal of pimples and zits and treating acne blemishes.

Erbium Laser going through the skin, passing heat on the skin’s water molecules is often used on patients having moderate to shallow blemishes or facial wrinkles. Smoking can be the cause of prolonged healing and hence should be avoided both before and after the process.

Non ablative lasers cause collagen to grow and tighten the skin by working underneath it resulting in better skin tone, removal of acne blemishes along with wrinkle and fine line reductions.

Side effects

Some of the complications involved being prolonged healing, bacterial or viral infection, inflammatory hyper pigmentation and dermatitis, this type of procedure can also be carried out at home using various products available in the online market, advisably preceded by a consultation with a professional having enough knowledge in this field, for example a skin specialist. However due to low occurrence of side effects this treatment is gaining confidence among patients.


The approximate rate being $500 per 15-20 minute session of acne blemish laser treatment might sound expensive, although some patients consider it to be reasonable when the comparison is made between the money and time that is required to be spent after expensive medications and ointment with the effectiveness and the fast cure of acne blemish laser treatment.

Gradually gaining confidence and faith acne blemish laser treatments, still considered to be new as treatments for acne blemishes are on their way to become the best remedy for acne problems.

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