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When to Start Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is treatment to cure cancer. Chemotherapy drugs that are used in treatment kills cancerous cell. Chemotherapy is helpful for stopping or making the growth of cancer cells slow. It is an effective solution but has loads of side effects. Some of the side effects that are involved with chemotherapy are hair loss, omits, weakness, hot flashes, vomits and so on. A cancer patient has to be mentally prepared with chemotherapy as it is tough to handle the same.

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while dealing with chemotherapy or before starting it. Here’s the information:

Since the patient knows that he is struck with cancer then in such a case he must know that chemotherapy will follow. Thus he is advised that do not diet and eat right foods. One must stay fit while they are working towards getting the chemotherapy treatment. It is vital to get right kind and amount of nutrients so that the body has a good immunity. Thus before chemotherapy one must start taking more of vegetables and fruits. But make it a point that you get these foods cleaned first so that no germs should enter into your body. One may even have animal products like meat and milk. There must also be whole grains, cereals and other vital foods in the diet. People who are going to opt for chemotherapy must have more fatty foods like butter, margarine, oil etc. In the start when chemotherapy treatment starts, the appetite gets lost and thus at such times such energy reserves will be quite helpful. You must talk to the dietician or the nutrition expert when you come to know about the chemotherapy treatment.

It is true that a cancer patient will have lot fo mental and physical stress. But one must learn to manage the same and control it. This will help in chemotherapy treatment. Doctors must talk frankly with the patients of cancer and give them all the possible information about chemotherapy. This will reduce some tension in the patient. Remember, stress swill affect the immunity negatively thus learn to manage it.

Getting enough sleep will also help out. It will help the patient better to cope up with stress. In case if the patient ahs problems with sleep then he/she must talk to the counselor or the doctor.

It is true that cancer patients are highly susceptible to infections. And thus there might be gum bleeding and such things. Thus just before there is chemotherapy, one must get the dental check up done. Just visit the dentist and let him know about your health condition and also tell him about the procedure of chemotherapy that ius going to start soon.

It is also important to keep in mind that hair loss is going to occur. Thus the patient must be prepared for this. He/she must arrange for the wig in advance if the look is what matters the patient. Stay strong and you will recover.

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