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Chemotherapy is an effective treatment that is used in treating many forms of cancer. There are many forms of cancer and the therapy may use different chemotherapy drugs while the person gets treatment. It is important to seek treatment from a specialist. Chemotherapy treatment comes with many side effects like nausea, sickness, tiredness, sleepiness, vomits, hair loss and so on. But in spite of this, it is being considered as the most potent treatment used for increasing the life span of the patient. The cancer cell growth is slowed down and along with this the some cancers are also eliminated from the system.

FAC chemotherapy is one of the types of chemotherapy that helps in treating many cancerous cells and also helps in dealing with the growing cancer cells. This therapy is basically for both node positive and node positive breast cancer. FAC means fluorouracil (5FU), Adriamycin (doxorubicin) and cyclophosphamide.

In FAC chemotherapy, the motive of the drugs used is just like any other chemotherapy drug. But the only difference lies in the way the drugs attack the cancerous cells. Fluorouracil (5FU) Gets into cancer cells and stops them from growing. This leads to elimination of cancer cells. Adriamycin blocks DNA production in cells. This makes the cells damaged and stops its growth. And finally Cyclophosphamide stops replication of cancer cells.

The dosage and the way these medications are administered changes as per the condition of the patient. Fluorouracil and Adriamycin are intravenously given on hand or arm. Cyclophosphamide is administered for 14 days and it is an oral medication.

In FAC chemotherapy these drugs namely fluorouracil, Adriamycin and cyclophosphamide are given simultaneously in the arm. This cycle is repeated every three weeks. There are a few side effects as associated with FAC chemotherapy. In this there is a danger of falling white blood cells. If white blood cell count is already low then in such a case the doctor will delay this therapy. With this therapy other problems like nausea, vomits, loss of fertility, eye irritation, throat problems, weakness etc. are also associated. Some of the dangerous side effects also include eye damage, bleeding, bladder infection, heart damage and so on.

But again, this is only a general opinion. Many people do not get any side effects and some people really get few and mild side effects. Thus the response of patient depends and differs. Thus, listening to other people’s experience must not make you negative about this therapy. You must listen to your inner voice and must follow your own path. In case if you find any particular side effects which are difficult to bear then in that case you must talk to your doctor. This will help you in dealing with your health problem. You must also realize that the power of prayer is also quite helpful in dealing with many health problems and situations. So, take the medication therapy and chemotherapy in a positive manner. There will be doctor’s team to always help you.

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