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Cancer is a very big problem these days. And thus many people are fighting with this. If you are a patient of cancer then you must know what kind of treatment options is available. The problem is that there are so many problems associated with chemotherapy. In case if you want to opt or something else then you may seek help of ayurveda, yoga and meditation.

Chemotherapy works towards cancer eradication from the body. It is a drug treatment and can be given either with oral tablets or with injections. In this treatment is drug treatment which is used to eradicate cancer. Different chemotherapy options are with good response rates are available. So there’s always the chance that you will respond to a new treatment. Just because you didn’t respond well to single chemotherapy plan doesn’t mean you won’t do better with another. Chemotherapy can use single drug or combination of different drugs depending upon the health of the patient. Normally, as soon as chemotherapy is started there will be certain side effects. And therefore the doctor may come up with certain other options in chemotherapy that will be having lesser side effects. If single drugs are to be used then there are so many drugs available and they are Taxol, Doxil, Xeloda and so on. There are many studies going on in order to find out that which one is more effective but the doctor will take that step that he fells apt.

Then there is one more chemotherapy option which uses the combination therapy. The doctor uses the drugs weighing the benefits and side effects of each drug involved.

Some of the options of chemotherapy combination are AT, CMF,CEF,TAC, and so on.

Some people find that chemotherapy is painful and unbearable for them. In such a case they would opt for stopping chemotherapy and starting some other form of treatment which will give him some relief from symptoms of cancer. There are so many problems which you can deal with.

Chemotherapy is a good option which will help in treating the symptoms of cancer. But it has got many side effects. Some of them are nausea, giddiness, vomits and many more. Some people are simply not willing to face such symptoms as they are really uncomfortable to deal with. And at such times they make the decision as to whether what they really want.

You must talk to your doctor about all the available options in chemotherapy and in this manner what you must do is select the one which is completely perfect in this regards. You must yourself weigh the benefits and risks and then select the one which you want the best. You may even talk to your naturopathy specialists and find out as to which option is perfect and which herbs will work in the best to make the cancer symptoms a bit less. You must be positive through out your treatment period. This is compulsory option and will help you in dealing with the health condition.

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