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Germanium- Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms And Food Sources

What is Germanium?

Germanium is one of the most dynamic new discoveries in the realm of trace elements necessary for optimum nutritional health. Germanium raises the level of activity of various organs and helps to expel harmful pollutants and arrest germ activity. Germanium is very important for the optimum nutrition of the human body. This element is element is also important because it raises the level of activity of various organs, enabling them to attract more oxygen. Germanium is responsible for providing more oxygen to the body as well as expelling harmful pollutants. Due to the life giving oxygen that germanium brings to the body it is believed that this alone is a major part of why it is such a dynamic element. And pathogens or rendering them harmless.

Uses and Benefits of Germanium

  1. Germanium helps in improving body system function and for boosting the immune system.
  2. Germanium is also useful for a variety of problems including low energy and eye problems.
  3. It also helps in the diseases like AIDS, cancer, heart disease and arthritis. Although it is not a direct medicine in curing this disease but it can boost up the cure process and helps a lot in defending you from the outside dangers.
  4. Due to the life giving oxygen that germanium brings to the body it is believed this alone is a major part of why it is such a dynamic element.

Deficiency Symptoms of Germanium

The deficiency of germanium shows the disease like poor immune system, creates an atmosphere for Asthma, Leukemia, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Neuralgia, Cardiac Insufficiency, Nephritis, Hypertension, Neurotic disorders, Hepatic cirrhosis, Softening of brain tissue. It is believed that germanium act as an anti-cancer agent. It is very effective for viral, bacterial and fungal infections. The less amount of germanium may also result into changes in the amount of urine, weakness, dizziness, tingling of the hands or feet.

Recommended Dosage of Germanium

The germanium is not needed in great amount to body. The dosage of 100 mg to 300 mg daily is enough depending on the age, sex and condition of the person.It may be increse for the breast feeding mother and pragnet mother too.

Rich Food Sources of Germanium

It is abundant in nature and found in all organic material, of both plant and animal origin. It is founded in broccoli, celery, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, milk, onions, rhubarb, sauerkraut, tomato juice, and the herbs aloe vera, comfrey, ginseng, and suma. The products are also available in different dosages and different packing in the market. But these should be used by the prescription of a regular practitioner. 

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