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Insect Bites And Stings

Only potentially dangerous bites and stings are described here. Many other insects can give you a bite that may cause swelling, itch or pain. Itch can generally be relieved by calamine lotion or other applications suggested by your pharmacist. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.

Bees,wasps, scorpions, centipedes, jumper ants and butt ants

Bites from these creatures can be intensely painful, but seldom cause symptoms of illness. However, some people suffer allergic reactions, occasionally severe, to certain stings.

Signs and symptoms of allergic reaction

  • swelling, itch and pain at the sting site
  • itchy rash and weals elsewhere on the body
  • swelling of eyelids and face
  • breathing difficulty

First aid treatment

  1. For bee stings, remove the barb by scraping it sideways with a fingernail. Do not try to pull the barb out as this will squeeze the poison sac on the side of it, injecting more poison into the victim.
  2. Apply a cold compress to relieve pain.
  3. If there is any sign of allergic reaction, the person stung should immediately take any prescribed medication for allergy that may be availlible. If the reaction is severe, seek medical aid urgently, check breathing and pulse frequently, and be prepared to apply emergency treatment for ANAPHYlAXIS. Apply pressure immobilisation if you have time, but resuscitation takes priority.
  4. If symptoms persist or worsen.

Although allergic reactions generally develop quickly after a sting, people with a history of severe allergy or anaphylaxis must be monitored carefully for some hours.

Platypus sting

Most people are unaware that the male platypus has a poison spur on the inner side of each rear leg. when the legs grip a person's arm or leg, the poison injected from the sting causes intense pain. A platypus is most unlikely to harm anyone unless cornered, however.

First aid treatment

  1. Do not apply-pressure immobilisation.
  2. Cold compresses may help to relieve pain, but most victims must be taken to a doctor for injected-painkillers.

Cold compresses

Cold compresses are useful for reducing the pain and swelling of stings and other injuries such as sprains.

Freezer packs covered with soft plastic work well; as they thaw they mould to the shape of the part they cover. You can improvise with a packet of frozen peas, or with ice cubes and cold water in a plastic bag, knotted at the top to make an icepack.

Do not put freezer packs or ice cubes directly on skin; wrap them in a damp cloth. When using cold compresses, check often to make sure that the skin is not freezing or becoming too cold for comfort. As a general rule, a cold pack should be applied for no more than 10 minutes at a time.

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